About Us

“Monolith Caviar & Co. GmbH” is an international acting enterprise specialized in production and sales of caviar, fish and other fine food. Headquarter of the company is located in Haunetal – Neukirchen. The excellent taste of our products is primarily the result of our yearlong experience in the caviar business. Worldwide existing partnerships guarantee our company resources with high quality, which are further processed in our production by applying the highest quality standards. As a matter of fact, our production has been certified according to IFS (International Featured Standards).

Since its establishment in 2008, “Monolith Caviar & Co. GmbH” faster and faster has grown to become an international company whose products are worldwide exported into 20 countries. On a production area of 2,500 m², among others 160 tons of salmon caviar are processed, different salads and caviar creams are produced every year. Based on the wide assortment of our products and about 30 highly qualified employees, we have been able to meet the expectations of our customers to their complete satisfaction so far. And this is also our top priority for the future.

Convince yourselves of our products from a safe and controlled production and enjoy the highest quality that will offer you an incomparable experience of taste. Fair prices, regular deliveries during the year and short delivery times are a matter of course for “Monolith Caviar & Co. GmbH”.