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Strictly speaking, black caviar refers solely to roe from wild sturgeon fished in the Caspian and Black Seas (Beluga, Ossetra and Sevruga). In the broader sense of the term, caviar can also encompass fish of the Salmonidae species, which includes, among others, salmon, whitefish and trout.

Where does IKRiNKA get its Black Caviar?

Where does IKRiNKA get its Black Caviar?

At IKRiNKA, we produce more than a whopping 5 tons of black caviar per year. We have built long-term, cooperative relations with the best, most forward-thinking sturgeon aquaculture farms worldwide to be able to offer you the best caviar for the best price. Only this way can we make sure our products are the best.

Is it possible to buy wild sturgeon caviar?

Is it possible to buy wild sturgeon caviar?

No. Sturgeon is protected under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017. As of 2005, it cannot be wild-caught anymore. Nowadays, each caviar producer gets strictly controlled, and each caviar has a unique CITES code that states its origin and quality control. Caviar from modern aquaculture farms has all the characteristics of wild-caught caviar, minus the endangering factor―it is a relatively sustainable way of keeping on sturgeon fishing.

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Why is sturgeon fishing illegal?

Sturgeons begin breeding somewhat late, at about the age of 15. This makes them particularly vulnerable to illegal fishing, as they also reproduce infrequently—only every two to seven years. If the specie's population starts getting depleted, its subsequent recovery is will also be slow.

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Which was the first country banning wild sturgeon fishing?

In 2000, Ukraine was the first country in the region to ban fishing of this fish, and other countries started soon after followed suit. Both amateur and sport fishing of sturgeons in the Black sea have been prohibited. With sturgeon fishing mostly illegal, some people resort to poaching. Pay attention to the label on the black caviar you buy. Sturgeon caviar from aquaculture farms is the most responsible way of going about this topic.