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Osetra caviar gift sets are perfect for any occasion

Encased in a luxurious leather box, our gifts sets are carefully curated for you. Enjoy the unique experience of gifting one of our genuine caviar sets. They are made from premium sturgeon roe, ensuring the best quality eggs with a delicate taste and overall homogeneity in texture. The superb texture of Osetra caviar makes it an absolute delicacy. On top of that, it is a healthy source of proteins and rich in minerals.

Sturgeon caviar gift sets

From our fantastic conditions and enjoy your gift set now

Our unique formula, with the IFS certification, guarantees a high-quality caviar product for your ultimate enjoyment. Our Osetra caviar gift sets are directly delivered to your table from our warehouses. Try our assortment of exquisite caviar gifts at fair and affordable prices and fantastic delivery services. Don’t wait any longer and try our exquisite products alongside a wide arrange of other sea delicacies such as our delicious wild-caught Kamchatka salmon or our fresh Pink salmon caviar Kamchatka Original. Your options are endless, check our website! We ensure careful packaging of each product for safety during transportation and compliance temperature for your utmost satisfaction. If any questions arise, make sure to contact our customer service which is there for you 24/7 for any enquiries.