Gourmet Delicacies

Delicacies for gourmets: Seafood, Foie Gras and wines of France.

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For many years  IKRiNKA has been delighting you with the most delicious caviar and sea products, and now we have decided to collect for you the best delicacies from all over the world - we guarantee the best quality and the best choice.

The product line for gourmet will be replenished by really worthwhile products worthy of getting to your table. Even now you can offer incredibly light, natural, homemade pancakes, and soon – Kamchatka crab meat, seafood, foie gras and premium alcohol.

Features of Kamchatka crab meat in Germany

Kamchatka crab has a special place for customers from Germany among seafood delicacies. It tastes as good as lobsters, and its sweetish and rich taste has been loved by gourmets for a long time. Kamchatka crab has a perfect taste because of the high content of glycogen – a special vital carbohydrate.

Meat of Kamchatka crab is more often eaten in its pure form, however, you can find many exquisite recipes with it. For example, you can cook famous Japanese rolls and sushi and make an exquisite dinner. And to make the evening perfect, we recommend combining Kamchatka crab meat with champagne - this drink perfectly emphasizes the taste of an elite delicacy.

Delicacies from France

One of the symbols of gastronomic chic is the famous Foie Gras – an attribute of luxury originally from France. Foie Gras is a liver of a fatted goose or duck, cooked in a special way. It's not only a dish, it's a healthful delicacy: a liver of waterfowl birds full of unsaturated fatty acids, which reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and provides healthy nutrition to the cells.

Premium alcohol – the best pairing for delicacies

The ideal pairing for Foie Gras would be a glass of red wine from the Bordeaux region, but many gourmets also prefer this dish with white wines. Follow our news in this section. We’re sure that you will find here foods and drinks that will be a perfect part of your meal and leave only the best memories of the evening. We will continue to expand our assortment of exquisite delicacies so that you can delight yourself with new gastronomic discoveries!