High-quality salmon and sturgeon roes without additives and preservatives: the finest taste now in its most natural version!


GreenLine - natural red and black caviar in Germany

The healthiest sturgeon and salmon provide us with the freshest and most delicate caviar eggs. Black and red, our caviar is a delightful delicacy in all its forms. Our GreenLine caviar has nothing more than salt and pure caviar. No additives or preservatives are added to our highly nutritious product. Our caviar does not go through any pasteurisation process. We keep it natural, yet the taste is intense and delicious.

natural Red caviar

Nature and taste team up: try our luxurious sturgeon caviar and salmon caviar GreenLine!

Our top-quality GreenLine caviar is an elite product that celebrates the natural qualities of our caviar to captivate all your senses! We ensure the highest quality caviar roes reach your plate by making sure our fish are healthy and our harvesting process is impeccable. As the product is free of any preservatives, the natural caviar has a 7-days shelf life. Our caviar brings the freshest taste of the sea to your table paired with an indulgent and exquisite buttery texture. It is so naturally tasty that it does not need any flavour enhancer. It can simply be tasted on its own for maximum indulgence.

natural Black caviar

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Our Germany-based caviar shop specialises in all sorts of caviar and fish products. We have proven experience in online shopping and delivering caviar products across Europe. Enjoy our caviar online by placing your order now! It’s easy, simple, and our customer support service is available 24/7 to guide you through your purchase. Enjoying fresh caviar has never been easier! Both sturgeon eggs and salmon roes will be an explosion of flavour at your table. In its most natural and healthy version, it will captivate the most avid caviar connoisseur!