Red caviar

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Red caviar

Red caviar is the natural roe from different types of salmon. However, you will find some artificial caviar on the market. This is why we recommend being very careful about choosing the producer and company where you buy this product. It is quite distinct both in flavour and hue from black caviar, which is made from sturgeon roe.

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Sublime Taste of Salmon Caviar

Salmon fish eggs look similar to bright red-orange pearls. They roll off the tongue on your palate and then gently burst into an intensive flavour mixed with a feeling of coolness. salmon caviar is often referred to as red caviar and always had a steady place in high-end Russian restaurants. They are harvested from the North Pacific in autumn every year. Those fish eggs are then handled with lightly salted brines.

Frequently asked questions and answers

1. What are the biggest producers of red caviar?

Most of the red caviar you buy in Europe comes from Alaska. We are the only producer of both Kamchatka and Alaska red caviar in Germany. We carefully select the fish for our caviar and get them directly from fishing farms in both places.

2. Why is omega-3 so good for you?

Omega-3 fatty acids are a great source to support your circulatory, immune, and nervous system. The high amounts in caviar are linked with preventing heart diseases and reducing the danger of cardiac death. They can also be associated with reducing the risk of depression and other mental health problems. There is additional evidence that the regular consumption of fish and seafood plays a role for pregnant women in the development of the fetal brain and eye development.

3. How do I best enjoy Russian salmon caviar?

Caviar is always served in small quantities for better tasting. It is a popular appetizer and best enjoyed in small bites. Serve it on crackers, tartlets or topped on sushi. You can try it with a range of different vegetables. For instance, avocado, olives, cucumber and green asparagus would pair very well. Pour it on top of blinis, mixed into a salad or scooped into other cold foods.