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Chum salmon caviar

Caviar is well known as a luxury delicacy made from salt-cured fish eggs. Also known as chum caviar, these roes come from the Keta salmon, which goes by the scientific name of Oncorhynchus keta. These are extra-large eggs of 5 to 8 millimetres in size and have a bright, translucent orange colour. With a beautiful appearance, they can be easily separated and burst in the mouth with an exquisite sweet salmon taste. Our keta caviar is handpicked for its diversity and high quality from every harvest and preserved using the malossol process to ensure maximum freshness and taste. As a garnish or as the centrepiece for sushi, it is a versatile ingredient that can take on many roles. For caviar connoisseurs: eat it as a dish on its own on a bed of crushed ice for maximum flavour!

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Richly nutritious and full of health benefits

Besides being a delicious addition to many dishes, salmon roe caviar provides many health benefits. Rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, it is also filled with antioxidants which help to reduce the risks of many diseases. Moreover, the vitamins B12, C, E, D contained in salmon roe helps to protect and maintain the nerves, blood cells, skin and bones, keeping you healthy and radiant. Not forgetting that it is a rich source of folate, thiamine, and selenium which help to maintain the body's cell functions, metabolism and immune system.

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Top-notch quality exclusively at IKRiNKA

At IKRiNKA, we strive to ensure that all our products come from credible and high-quality sources, which is why all our caviar products are IFS-certified. From our exclusive keta caviar to our smoked salmon trout, we continuously endeavour to bring you a comprehensive assortment of some of the best caviar and fish products from around the region at fair prices. Our salmon roe keta caviar is now available to order on our website. Our packaging is well-curated to keep it within the required temperature, and our products are delivered directly from our warehouse straight to your doorstep.