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Trout caviar

Trout roe has an abundance of nutritional properties which are known to boost the immune system and overall benefit well-being. Caviar contains vitamins A, B, E, and D as well as vital minerals such as iron, phosphorous, highly valuable protein, and easily digestible fats. Trout caviar is popular for its fine granular eggs which are less 3 millimetres in size. The fine taste of the grainy and elastic eggs is distinct from other types of caviar such as salmon. The abundance of health-promoting properties of roe combined with its exquisite taste make trout caviar a special treat.

Trout caviar Germany (DE)

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Caviar is a sought-after delicacy all over the world. Use the bright red to orange roe to garnish your meals or serve it along with sparkling champagne. When serving caviar, your guests will be impressed by your exquisite taste and appreciate your special effort. You can indulge golden crispy toast with egg and caviar on top and even impress your guests with delicious trout caviar tartlets. Be sure to also try out other roe. salmon, black caviar and fish delicacies selected by Ikrinka.

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