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Black and red caviar on offer

The answer is: not at all! Our caviar promotion allows you to try the best high-quality, IFS-certified products in the market at absolutely reasonable prices. Moreover, your order will be managed with great care by our employees.

What can you expect from the luxurious sets?

What can you expect from the luxurious sets?

The "All inclusive" set is perfect for someone who loves trying out different flavors: for just € 119, you'll get several kinds of caviar (trout, pink salmon, chum salmon, sturgeon), plus our gourmet capelin roe creams, with extra seaweed salad and smoked salmon and fish. And if you are sceptical about the amount the amount you get, simply opt for the 7 in 1 variant: it features a selection of egg and roe delicacies for as little as € 39,90 (with a discount of 11 euros on the usual price).

Facts about true caviar – know your food!

Facts about true red and black caviar – know your food!

New to the world of fish eggs and want to dive deeper into the topic of sea food and caviar? True caviar usually only refers to sturgeon eggs which are caught and cured. However, with Ikrinka being one of the biggest online suppliers of caviar, we even offer specialities such as pink salmon eggs and trout caviar many more sea food delicacies. Now that you know more, why not give it a go and buy it?