How to distinguish real caviar: tips and tricks

How to distinguish real caviar: tips and tricks

Today it is not difficult to buy red or black caviar, because there are a huge number of stores where these products are sold. If you wish, you can use the online service. Without knowing the information about the producers, another kind of difficulty arises: how to distinguish real caviar?

What is fake red caviar?

To accurately determine the quality of a product, listen to several helpful tips. When buying red caviar, the first thing you should know is the assortment of caviar by type of salmon fish. Most often, you can find pink salmon caviar on sale. They have a pronounced orange color and rather large eggs about 5 mm in diameter. Chum salmon caviar is easy to recognize by its large size and rich amber color. In it, with the naked eye, you can see the embryos of fish. Chum salmon caviar, as a rule, is used as a decoration of dishes.

What salmon is more expensive for getting caviar?

Sockeye salmon is an endangered species, so its caviar is rarely found on sale and is much more expensive than pink salmon or chum salmon caviar. It has a small diameter (about 4 mm) and a bright red color. There is also the so-called surrogate caviar, which is often called fake. This is an artificial product made from algae and fish oil, using dyes to ensure the maximum resemblance to natural caviar.

Artificial caviar is of little value; its only advantage is its low price. It cannot be compared with a natural product with an unsurpassed taste and a host of useful properties. Attempts to sell artificial caviar under the guise of a natural product are illegal. And in order not to buy a fake for the price of real caviar, you should be especially careful.

How to distinguish real red caviar

First of all, you need to pay attention to the packaging and carefully read the information on the label. It is better to choose a product in a glass container, which will visually assess the quality of the product. Caviar should be of the same diameter, whole grain, and color by type of salmon. Real caviar does not contain oils, eggs, gelatin, or milk, the presence of which indicates the synthetic origin of the product.

Natural red caviar contains salt and preservatives, which ensures long-term storage. If E239 (neurotrophin) is indicated in the composition, then you should not buy caviar, since this preservative is prohibited for use and can have a detrimental effect on the body. The date of manufacture must be stamped with the numbers on the outside of the can in a convex shape. Deformation of the cover is not allowed.

How to distinguish real from artificial caviar?

Since it is very difficult to visually distinguish caviar, you can conduct a simple test - throw the eggs into hot water. Artificial grains dissolve in hot liquid, and real grains, on the contrary, harden, as the protein in the water will boil.

As for the black caviar, it is counterfeited by coloring the red caviar of the pike. How to distinguish real caviar in this case? It turns out to be difficult to determine the authenticity of the product because the cheap pike caviar after dyeing becomes very similar to the elite black caviar. That is why it is better to buy caviar from trusted manufacturers than you will protect yourself from counterfeiting.

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