Methods on how to salt red caviar

Methods on how to salt red caviar

If you bought carcasses of freshly frozen salmon fish, then do not be surprised if you find red caviar inside. It will not be difficult to pickle caviar. You will get a delicious natural delicacy without preservatives, prepared with your own hands! Read our recommendations on how to salt red caviar.

Rules of salting caviar

First of all, you need to prepare the caviar for the ambassador. In the belly of the fish, caviar is in two film sacs called ovaries. It is from them that you need to get rid of to get refined caviar. This job requires patience and accuracy. To begin with, carefully separate the caviar from the film with your fingers. Then we spread the caviar in a separate container and fill it with cold water.

Using a wooden skewer, mix the contents, the movements should be intense and in one direction. It is necessary to periodically remove the skewer to clean it from the remnants of the film. Next, you need a colander, the bottom of which is covered with several layers of gauze (up to 4). We discard the caviar in a colander and wait for the liquid to drain. Then you need to move the caviar on dry gauze so that small particles of film and damaged grains remain on the fabric.

Salting red caviar

If there is not much caviar, and you want to make the cleaning process as less troublesome as possible, then you can pour hot water into a small container (for example, a cup), add salt, and put the eggs. The temperature of the water should allow you to lower your hand into it. In hot water, the ovaries separate easily, and you just need to pick the film with your hands, as it is very hard and has an unpleasant taste.

How to pickle caviar

First, you need to prepare brine - a solution for salting caviar. You will need twice as much liquid as caviar. We prepare tuzluk from the calculation: two tablespoons of salt and two teaspoons of sugar in a glass of water. We start preparing the marinade: boil water, add salt and sugar. Ideally, the brine should be cooled to a temperature of about 40 ° C, after which we fill in the caviar. If you want lightly salted caviar, then 10 minutes of salting will be enough, if you prefer a spicy product - wait 20 minutes.

Steps of salting caviar

Drain the brine, and put the grains on cheesecloth so that the liquid is partially absorbed.

Preparing storage utensils. You will need glass jars with lids. The containers should be rinsed with boiling water and dried, and the surface should be greased with olive oil. Before you close the jars and store them in the refrigerator, it is also recommended to pour oil on the finished product. It is believed that caviar is ready for consumption in 3-4 hours.

After salting, the caviar is stored for a limited time. Ideally, it should be eaten within 2-4 days. Any salmon caviar can be salted: pink salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, salmon, or trout. If you specifically decided to buy fish with caviar, then you need to identify the female. The main criterion is not the size of the fish, but the scales and shape. For example, pink salmon becomes lighter during spawning; light spots can be seen on it. In females, the back is not as high and convex as in males. Also, the head is comparatively smaller, the shape of which is more regular - rounded.

Can the caviar be spoiled?

If you don’t want to spoil caviar — do not defrost fish in the microwave or water. This should be a gradual process. Ideally, frozen fish should be refrigerated overnight and then removed to defrost completely. You need to cut the fish very carefully so as not to damage the ovaries. It is best to start with the ridge.

Armed with the knowledge of how to salt red caviar, it will not be difficult to master the practical part. As a result, you can make not only excellent salmon fish dishes, but also prepare a very healthy and tasty delicacy with your own hands.

Where to buy red caviar?

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