Why did the production of caviar creams stop?

Why did the production of caviar creams stop?

Why did the production of the  caviar creams stopped?

Caviar cream is a great snack, that is popular all over the world. The product has an excellent taste and delicate texture, it's served as a separate dish and as a base for salads and snacks.

The main ingredient of our caviar creams is capelin caviar, and the recipe for making a cream with the addition of natural ingredients (smoked salmon, shrimp, surimi and seaweed), perfected to the smallest detail, has made our creams one of your favorite products.

Despite the success of caviar creams and their varied assortment, we regretfully have to stop the production of this product, as you may have already noticed when placing an order on our website.

Why did the production of caviar creams stop?

For several years, we have worked out the recipe for caviar cream to the ideal in order to achieve the very memorable rich taste and consistency of the product. We have achieved the most correct combination of ingredients of only the highest quality, the main of which is capelin roe. However, the trends of recent years show a significant decline in the population of this fish.

Problems with the capelin catch began in 2005, decreasing from year to year. 2020 was the first year that global fishing was stopped. Such a shortage has arisen due to the high demand for fish: it is budgetary and affordable, which makes it a popular option for fishing. Capelin caviar has been harvested for many years, starting in the 1950s, and the peak of the world catch of this fish was in the mid-1970s. The frequent catch has led to a decrease in the fish population and the introduction of a moratorium on fishing. The restrictions came into effect in 2016 and have continued from year to year since then time.

Considering this situation, it becomes more and more difficult to find raw materials of exactly the quality that we need for the production of our caviar creams. We believe that only the best products should get on the table of our customers, and compromises in quality are unacceptable for us. Thus, we have discontinued the line of caviar creams and we hope that you will agree with our decision. We also believe that this decision is our contribution to the early recovery of the capelin population.

Are there alternatives to caviar creams?

We ran many tests in an attempt to replace the base of our caviar cream with caviar from other fish species, however, we came to the conclusion that it was capelin caviar that gave this product the taste and texture of the cream that many loved.

We hope that you will find new favorites among our range of fish and caviar products. We will continue to delight you with tasty and useful novelties, expand our offer, quickly and conveniently deliver your orders directly to your home. After all, if caviar, then IKRiNKA!

Capelin caviar cream is made from true capelin roe. A small forage fish of the smelt family, the capelin is found in the North Atlantic, North Pacific and Arctic oceans. it grazes on plankton and larger ones eat Krill and other crustaceans. Capelin roe has a smooth texture and is smaller than your usual roe and is slightly salty. This makes it the perfect creamy spread on toast points.

Useful information about caviar creams

Looking for the perfect appetiser or spread but not too sure? Look no further. Enjoy our capelin caviar cream for a creamy and rich spread. The perfect fit for your family meal or to entertain guest at a party. Made with premium quality roes, you can pair it with your favourite toast points. It is also a yummy comfort food when you need it. Works great as a healthy snack too!

100% natural caviar creams

Made with only the best natural ingredients, our capelin caviar cream is not only tasty but extremely affordable. Yet, we can assure you that although we keep the price low, we do not cut back on quality. We source the highest quality true roe from capelin to be included in this cream. This unique recipe is especially tasty and creamy, a delightful combination.

Only the best at IKRiNKA

IKRiNKA is based in Germany. We offer a wide range of exclusive caviar products, including wild-caught Kamchatka salmon fish, salmon caviar and many other fish delicacies. We guarantee you high-quality caviar and sea delicacies sourced from the best natural ingredients. Each food item is delivered straight to you from our manufacturing warehouse. With fair prices and premium quality products, it is definitely worth buying. We also guarantee each of our products is carefully packaged, complying with the required safety temperatures.

Why did the production of caviar creams stop? Ban on catching capelin ▷ IKRiNKA

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