Summer is the perfect time to enjoy caviar

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy caviar

Since ancient times, caviar has been considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. And it still remains a luxury product all over the world. Because of its delicate and refreshing taste, caviar is the perfect choice for warm summer months. In this article you will discover some helpful tips on how to serve and eat caviar in summer. Make sure you try these recipes and enjoy the delicious summer!

Caviar dishes in summer

There is a reason why caviar is called ‘black gold’. It symbolizes wealth as well as luxury and it’s often a fantastic treat to serve for special occasions. Whether it’s a garden picnic, a fancy summer party for close friends or a romantic dinner just for two – it always makes the perfect choice. So what are the best ways to serve caviar? Explore these tips to find it out!

How to store caviar in summer

Choose the right temperature to make sure that caviar maintains its quality of taste and consistency. Keep it in the fridge at 28 to 40 F (- 2oto 4o C) and avoid excessive changes of temperature, especially in summer. A good place to keep caviar is right above or below the freezer. You can also keep it in the back of the refrigerator. Get caviar from the refrigerator 30-60 minutes before eating. Open a jar and put the contents into an ice-filled container or place the jar onto crushed ice. If caviar isn’t cooled, its flavour and consistency are quickly spoiled.

Proper servers and utensils for caviar

Caviar can be an exquisite addition to any meal, especially in summer when feeling its refreshing taste is such a pleasure. Some gourmets prefer to eat caviar directly from the chilled jar. However, light and heat can affect the quality of caviar. It’s best not to use silver or metal utensils as they change the taste of caviar. Putting caviar on metal spoons, including silver, can oxidize it. This way, caviar loses its original flavour and gains the metallic one instead. Mother-of-pearl spoons are perfect for eating caviar. They look not only elegant on a summer table but also prevent caviar from changing its flavour. Don’t have a mother-of-pearl spoon? Wooden and plastic spoons are also suitable, so take one of them. Avoid using sharp utensils such as knives and forks as they tear the sensitive skin of eggs, thereby spoiling the good consistency.

What to serve with caviar in summer months

If you want your caviar to keep its rich aroma, pay attention to the garnish you choose. Use garnish that doesn’t have its own strong flavour. Onions, garlic and summer citrus are not your option in this case. The ideal garnish should accentuate the caviar flavour. A great idea for an appetizer is pancakes served with sour cream and a spoonful of caviar. You can either buy ready-made pancakes or cook them yourself. Another option is to eat caviar with potato dishes. Butter toasts, eggs and buns are also good. All these foods have obvious advantages. Firstly, you don’t spend too much time on cooking. And secondly, you can pack and take them wherever you would like to go, whether it’s your lunch at work or a family picnic. Your ideas are unlimited as long as the taste of the delicacy is preserved. Although caviar connoisseurs prefer eating pure caviar without any garnishes.

Caviar recipes for summer

Enjoy the sophistication of each summer brunch with a wide selection of caviar recipes. You can use caviar as a great accompaniment to many traditional summer dishes. Your guests will long remember your summer recipes as even a small spoonful of this delicacy turns an everyday salad into a delicious extraordinary treat. Let these great caviar dishes bring a touch of luxury to your summer. A caviar parfait is a beautiful dish that you can use as a dinner appetizer for a special occasion. For an amazing look, serve it in a glass. What about seafood salad with some Tuscan cantaloupe? It makes a perfect combination of various flavors among which are melon, crab meat, avocado and, of course, caviar. A very simple yet delicious appetizer is a set of pancakes. It’s a classic dish. Traditionally, pancakes taste good with smoked salmon or just caviar – the choice of caviar depends on your preference. Make sure you choose a high-quality product for your unforgettable culinary experience. Our online shop has a variety of fish delicacies including caviar and salmon. Our personal recommendation for summer recipes is Beluga caviar.

Mind the special atmosphere

Caviar and salmon dishes must be savored. Make sure that you and your guests feel comfortable and have enough time to enjoy the delicacy. The vibe is important - enjoy the taste, presentation and even your anticipation. Despite being a luxury item, sturgeon caviar is traditionally eaten without any garnish. This way, you get a long lasting taste impression. Here's one more tip: do not chew small caviar beads, but crush them with your tongue. Caviar is truly one of the most interesting delicacies in the world. Use this treat to enjoy a picnic, summer garden relaxation or a lake trip.
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