How artificial caviar is produced: features

How artificial caviar is produced: features

Everyone has met on sale artificial or so-called imitation caviar. But not everyone knows how to make artificial caviar, what kind of raw materials are used for this, useful or harmful to such a product. Let us try to clarify these and other issues regarding the production of synthetic caviar.

The emergence of imitation caviar

The emergence of imitation caviar is due to the desire of manufacturers to offer an affordable counterpart to black and red caviar. Externally the product looks very presentable, but in terms of taste, it cannot be compared to the original. The first attempts to create an affordable analog of salmon and sturgeon caviar came in the mid-1960s when the USSR began to produce a product called «Iskra» produced based on protein raw materials. A protein mixture of chicken eggs and vegetable oil was used for egg formation.

Such caviar was in low demand, as it was not similar to the original product and was not distinguished by its high taste qualities. Over time, the technology for making synthetic caviar based on gelatin emerged. Algae extracts, milk, and food additives were used as additional ingredients. Nowadays there is a demand for other methods of artificial caviar production, which do not involve the use of protein substances or involve their minimal use. Today's name "imitation" originated from copying the appearance of a natural product.

Artificial caviar producing

Modern artificial caviar production is based on the use of gelling agents. These are brown and red algae extracts: sodium alginate and agar. They do not increase the caloric value of the product, in addition, thanks to these substances artificial caviar looks very similar to natural. Color matching is achieved thanks to dyes that come in both natural and synthetic colors.

Naturally, it is better to choose caviar with natural dyes, as substances of synthetic origin can be harmful to health. Modern imitation caviar is much tastier than its earlier counterparts, but even it only imitates the appearance of natural red or black caviar. In terms of taste and richness of vitamin and mineral composition, these products are not comparable.

Artificial caviar: benefits and harms

Imitated caviar poses no threat to the health of the body, but the benefit of such a product is minimal. Its main advantage is the low price, especially when it comes to natural black caviar. However, if you have tried a natural product, you are unlikely to become a follower of a synthetic analog. Perhaps it is better to indulge in a natural delicacy once in a while than to look for good substitutes

What caviar is more accessible?

If black caviar is expensive, red caviar is much more accessible. Considering how rich the composition of natural red caviar is, and how primitive the counterpart is, will the savings be justified? It's not hard to imagine how artificial red caviar is made. It uses the same algae extracts and food colorings. The best are considered to be analogs with the meat of valuable fish species.

Once you get an idea of how artificial caviar is made, you can conclude the popularity of natural salmon and sturgeon caviar. Due to the unique value of these products manufacturers do not stop trying to create affordable for most, as close to natural, synthetic analogs.

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