Why caviar can be bitter

Why caviar can be bitter

The value of red caviar is in its wonderful taste. If the product is cooked well - every egg gives great pleasure. But sadly, sometimes the taste reveals an unpleasant bitterness. This raises a frequently asked question: why is caviar bitter and is it possible to return it to its pleasantly mild taste?

Caviar is bitter - what does it mean?

It is worth noting that for some types of red caviar a spicy bitterness is quite an acceptable quality. This is characteristic, for example, of coho salmon roe. Fresh pink salmon caviar may have a slight bitterness, but we are always talking about slight bitterness. If pink salmon caviar has a pronounced bitterness, the reasons should be sought in the peculiarities of production and/or storage of the product.

Why red caviar is bitter

You are dealing with a low-quality product. This is the most common reason why caviar tastes bitter. Perhaps the caviar contains a lot of preservatives, on the one hand, increasing the shelf life, but on the other hand, deteriorating the taste characteristics. These are exactly the qualities of urotropine, a food additive banned in European countries.

Caviar production was not performed by the technology. When cutting fish, the integrity of the gallbladder must not be violated. If this happens, however, the caviar becomes bitter and requires a long and thorough rinse.

Improper storage of caviar gives bitterness

Violation of the rules of transportation and storage. According to the production technology, caviar must not be allowed to remain outdoors for long periods. If the caviar turns out to be over-frozen, it also provokes the appearance of bitterness.

How to store caviar

There are also certain rules for storage of the finished product, both in closed containers and after opening the package, which must not be violated, so that the caviar does not have time to go rancid. These rules are usually indicated on the container with the caviar. If you are convinced that the bitterness in the taste cannot be explained by the variety of caviar or the expiry date of storage, there are several recommendations on how to improve the taste of the product.

What to do if red caviar is bitter?

Rinse the caviar under running water. This is the easiest and fastest way and the most popular. But rinsing will only help eliminate the bitterness in the taste, which cannot be said for the bitter smell if any. What to do if red caviar is bitter? Water should be used at room temperature or black tea should be used as a rinse liquid, letting it cool down beforehand. After washing the caviar should drain, for which it is advisable to use gauze and a strainer.

Does red caviar taste bitter?

Knowing why caviar is bitter, you can conclude how important it is to choose a high-quality product. After all, most often it is a violation of the technology of production and storage of caviar that leads to a deterioration in taste. And it is better to buy higher quality, albeit expensive caviar than to later tries to get rid of the unpleasant aftertaste.

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