How to choose the best caviar?

How to choose the best caviar?

Customers often ask how to choose the best caviar when choosing it. Red caviar is obtained from salmon fish: chinook salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, chum salmon, salmon, pink salmon, and trout. In the terms of maturity and processing, grained caviar is considered the most valuable. Such eggs consist of whole, uniform in size and color, easily separable from each other. The natural red caviar of different fish differs not only in taste but also in external characteristics such as the density of the shell, shade, and diameter of the eggs.

How to choose chinook salmon Caviar

Chinook salmon is one of the most expensive varieties of red caviar due to its rarity, which is attributed to poaching on a large scale of this once common fish species. Chinook salmon caviar has a rich red color, medium-density shell, large size eggs 6-7 mm in diameter, and a reference taste with a slight bitterness.

Caviar of Nerka

The caviar of the seal is characterized by small eggs 3-4 mm in diameter with a thin shell, a bright red color, a pronounced fish aroma, and a delicate spicy taste with a trace of obvious bitterness.

Best caviar from coho salmon

The roe of coho salmon both in appearance and taste resembles that of sockeye salmon: it has firm eggs 3-4 mm in diameter with a scarlet color, but it has a less pronounced bitterness. Due to its impressive array of vitamins and minerals, coho salmon caviar is considered the most beneficial among the various types of red caviar.

Chum salmon: how to choose the best caviar in the world

After pink salmon caviar, chum salmon caviar is the second most popular variety of red caviar. It is characterized by large eggs 5-8 mm in diameter with a soft shell and a visible fatty spot-germ, bright, dark orange color, and delicate creamy taste.

Pink salmon caviar

Pink salmon caviar has a pleasant, easily recognizable taste, a light orange color, and eggs 4-6 mm in diameter with a thin shell. Due to its versatile and not too strong fish taste and high fecundity of the fish, which allows it to produce the delicacy in large quantities, pink salmon caviar has become widespread and is very popular among gourmets. Pink salmon eggs are covered with a thin shell, which easily breaks when pressed, leaving a slightly fishy aftertaste.

Caviar from Trout

Trout roe is smaller than that of other members of the salmon family. Its eggs are 2-3 mm in diameter and vary in color from dark yellow to bright red. A distinctive feature of trout caviar is its pleasant salty taste with a noticeable bitterness and dense consistency.

What caviar is the most delicious

Having considered in detail the difference in red caviar of different fish, let us return to the question of which fish of the salmon family has the most delicious caviar. The most popular types of red caviar in terms of taste are pink salmon caviar and chum salmon caviar. Red caviar connoisseurs choose pink salmon caviar because of its versatile, mild flavor, while chum salmon caviar is widely recognized for its delicate creamy taste and large eggs. Those who like the taste of caviar with bitterness will certainly appreciate the caviar of the trout, coho salmon, and sockeye salmon, and gourmets and connoisseurs of caviar will enjoy the rarest variety of red caviar - caviar of the chinook salmon.

Best caviar in the world at Ikrinka

At ikrinka.de you can buy the highest quality pink salmon, chum salmon, and trout caviar at the prices of manufactures. Best caviar in the world from Kamchatka original wild pink salmon is a truly unique product in the line of red caviar.

It has a bright orange color, pleasant marine flavor, thick consistency, and a richer taste compared to the pink salmon caviar from Alaska. We are sure that you can taste our caviar one time, and you will come back for more!

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