What is the most expensive caviar?

What is the most expensive caviar?

Have you ever wondered which caviar is the most expensive? Most people think that it's black sturgeon caviar. But this is not true – the most expensive caviar is golden caviar, as they call it, diamond caviar. It is the rarest and most expensive delicacy. The albino beluga, an all-white beluga, spawns.

The reason for the high cost is that the older the fish, the lighter the roe, respectively, the more delicate its taste. The beluga albino can weigh up to a ton and this fish has a lifespan of up to 100 years. The caviar has a unique golden amber color. It seems as if every egg is illuminated from within by aglow. Such a delicacy is produced in limited quantities and is naturally very expensive.

The most expensive black caviar

Of all the varieties of black caviar, beluga caviar is considered the most expensive. The value of this product is determined by the habitat of the fish and the method of production. Beluga caviar is larger than other sturgeons, which is considered an undeniable advantage. The Color of beluga caviar ranges from black to gray. The second place is occupied by sturgeon caviar, and the third place is occupied by starred sturgeon caviar.

The most expensive red caviar

Red caviar is less expensive than black caviar. This is because salmon roe is extracted in large volumes, and the production itself is less expensive. Chinook salmon caviar, which has a delicate taste with a slight bitterness, is most valued. The relatively large size of the eggs and the rarity of this type of caviar make it particularly valuable.

The most expensive caviar: is there an alternative?

Less expensive is the caviar of chum salmon and coho salmon. The former has a presentable appearance, so it is indispensable for decorating dishes. The roe of coho salmon is dark and small in diameter. Although it is very valuable for its useful properties, it is still inferior to other types of caviar in terms of taste characteristics. It has a bitter aftertaste.

Want to buy the most expensive caviar? Remember it!

Whatever caviar you buy, it is important that it is fresh and meets quality standards. Even the most expensive caviar will not make a proper impression if the technology of production or storage is violated. Remember, regardless of the price, caviar is very healthy. Choose a product to taste - and enjoy!

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