Caviar: everything you need to know about ‘black gold’

Caviar: everything you need to know about ‘black gold’

Caviar: everything you need to know about ‘black gold

All over the world there are people who love caviar. Due to its exquisite taste, caviar has always been a symbol of luxury. Whether it’s an exclusive party or a family dinner, caviar is a must-have item on each festive table. Here in IKRiNKA we offer you a wide variety of caviar which differs both in taste and price.

The history of the term “caviar” appears to be quite old but interesting. The word itself comes from the Persian word “Khav-yar” and that means “cake of strength” or “cake of power”. Apparently, the Persians thought that caviar had medicinal properties and valued it a lot.

Caviar is a temperature sensitive product. It must be stored according to the rules to ensure that its delicate taste and quality are preserved. The original caviar is stored in large 1.8 kg containers at a low temperature of -2°C and its quality remains at a high level for one year. Generally, however, caviar is repacked to smaller packages and sold in tins and jars.

After being repacked, caviar can be stored for another four months. In order to extend the shelf life, we use reliable, sealed packaging. After the jar has been opened, caviar should be consumed within three days.

Signs of caviar that is properly stored:

  • salt content is below 4%;
  • eggs are separate and do not stick to the lid;
  • caviar has a fresh smell;
  • eggs are intact and not crushed.

However, not only storing and packaging are important. If you want to take full advantage of eating caviar, pay your attention to how you serve it on the table. Here are some simple rules for you to follow.

As caviar itself has a very delicate taste and aroma, it’s recommended not to use any additional sauces or juices. So lemon juice is not your option as its acidity removes the delicate caviar aroma. Do not choose onions either as their own flavour is too sharp.

What you should also think about, apart from garnishes, are drinks. Dry white wine, vodka and champagne are perfectly suitable for caviar.

And what about cutlery? Well, metal or silver spoons should never be your choice. They change the taste of caviar because of oxidation. Use mother-of-pearl spoons instead as they don’t change the caviar taste.

And also, keep in mind that caviar is best to be served chilled.

In our shop you’ll find everything you need to make your caviar experience truly delicious and enjoyable.

Caviar and species conservation

Caviar and species conservation are two inseparable notions. The amount of caviar being harvested is strictly regulated all over the world, so be sure you pay attention to the relevant documents while purchasing caviar of high quality.

Nature reserves aim to protect fish species from becoming endangered. Lakes provide the perfect setting for fish life there as they have optimal water temperature and sufficient depth. Fish are fed with natural food and go through a natural cycle of life. Although the caviar production takes much longer in such conditions, the quality of it is also higher.

Apart from better quality, natural production of caviar is supported by other factors:

  • increased sustainability;
  • natural conditions of fish detention;
  • environmental friendliness of products.

Therefore, when you purchase caviar and other natural foods, always make sure that you choose reliable manufacturers such as the IKRiNKA online shop. With us you can always treat yourself and your loved ones with the best quality caviar!

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